Why Wagyu

Whats Wagyu

Wagyu is a Japanese beef cattle breed. It is a descendent from native Asian cattle. In Japanese 'WAGYU' translates as ‘Japanese cow’, Wagyu were former draft animals used in agriculture, therefore selected for their physical endurance. Animals with more intramuscular fat cells 'marbling' were selected. The marbling provides a readily available energy source increasing their endurance. Wagyu can be black or red and are a horned breed. Now Wagyu are a beef breed and not used for agricultural work in the field.

Healthier than you think

As well as being delicious, it’s healthy for you too. Marbled Wagyu beef has a unique taste and tenderness and therefore is why it is thought of as the best beef in the world and makes for an unforgettable experience. 

As well as being delicious, it’s healthy for you too. Mono-unsaturated to saturated fat ratio is higher in Wagyu than in other beef and the saturated fat in Wagyu is unlike normal beef. 40% called stearic acid, which is viewed as having a minimum impact in raising cholesterol levels. The profile of marbled Wagyu beef is more beneficial and healthier to human health, compared to standard beef. 

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is an omega-6 fatty acid (CLA) is fatty acid linked to multiple health benefits. Wagyu beef contains the highest amount of CLA per gram of any foodstuff - about 30% more than other beef breeds.