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Sustainable beef production

We love the world we live in and we want to look after it. In recent years Beef Production has been portrayed in a negative light in the Press. Here at Norfolk Wagyu Beef, we are committed to sustainability and we want to explain how our production process protects our planet.

Our land use is efficient and environmentally friendly. The land our cattle graze on for half the year is not suitable for arable crop production. By using that land to feed our cattle, we are maximising what that land can produce for human consumption. Furthermore, the grasslands that we use are an important habitat for other wildlife; our cattle enables us to maintain these important biospheres for species indigenous to Norfolk. The food we provide our cattle is ethical. During the winter months, our cattle’s are fed with crops, silage and fodder beet that are grown on our own farm. This reduces transportation needs and our Carbon Footprint. During the summer, our cattle graze on our own grass. In the finishing phase of production, we feed our cattle with rations. We are working with our supplier to trace all the ingredients, with the goal of ensuring they are sustainably sourced. We are always working towards being as sustainable as we can.

Sustainability: Welcome
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