Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steak

Flat iron steaks have risen in popularity in recent years. one of our personal favourites, you won't be disappointed with this one


Weights may vary slightly but are typically slightly bigger.


Each Steak 250g approximately (one steak per pack)


All beef will arrive frozen.






  • Delivery Details

    Boxes are given to DHL on a Wednesday, expect your box before lunchtime Thursday. Please give us as much information for the delivery driver and please add your mobile number.  You will be given a 1-hour delivery slot time and a 10 minute alter prior to delivery so your number is important.  This will ensure your Wagyu will get to you in the best condition

    If Thursday is not a good day then contact Sam on info@norfolkwagyubeef.co.uk

  • Marbling Score

    The marbling quality of this animal is scored at 7. Please refer to the marbling explained page on our website for more information.

    Marbling intensity = tenderness and flavour

    We adjust our prices according to the marbling score.

  • Local drop off or pick up

    If you are close by or previously organised with Sam, click the collection option to avoid getting charged for delivery. 

    Contact Sam on info@norfolkwagyubeef.co.uk